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About us

AVANTE intends exploring the world of watch winders and deluxe items for its customers. The name AVANTE means looking forward so we dedicate our energy to combine traditional craftsmanship, avant-garde design with technology of tomorrow to raise the top of watch winders producers. AVANTE is at the beginning of its journey, but well equipped with a skilled crew and ready to master every challenge. AVANTE is ready to make history in an industry, where time is valued as the most precious commodity of all.
The brand AVANTE was established in June 2009 and since the beginning our company put extensive effort in Research & Development, which resulted in new creations of high quality watch winders among the international market.


Core value

Ambition - We have the ambition to reach the goals we set for ourselves
Value - We want to add value to your watch collections
Art - We make more than a watch winder but a piece of art
Next Generation - We care about your watch collections for your next generation
Time - We value time as our most important asset 
Energy - We use our energy to move forward with our customers