Keep the leather clean: Leather is not to get it soiled, soaked, or let it dry out. Use a dry cloth to remove dirt and grime from it.
Keep leather items out of the sun.
Keep leather items in a cool dry place when not in use: Mildew can deteriorate leather if it is allowed to grow on it
Keep leather away from abrasives that can scuff or cut it: Once leather has been damaged, there is no way to repair it.


Use clean and dry cloth for basic dusting. Avoid undiluted wild detergent or strong grease remover, otherwise painted surface may come off or change in colour. If necessary, wipe with 1:199 diluted mild detergents, rinse with a dampened cloth, and followed by a dry cloth. Do not use chemical cloth. Oil finishing parts are recommended to be polished with teak oil once every 3 months.


For dirt on fabric, pat and clean target area with a towel soaked with 1:199 diluted mild detergents. After wiping off the detergent with a wrung cloth, wipe with a dry cloth. Water repellent agent is recommended. Please dry-clean covers if fabric is not to be cleaned.


Always wipe with a dry cloth. Do not leave in moisture surrounding.


·         All products are made for inside use only
·         Do not expose products to direct sunlight, it may cause damage
·         Please put products on flat surfaces, otherwise, product function may be affected
·         Do not leave products close to heater or air-conditioner, this may cause fracture or change in colour
·         Please keep away from children
·         Unpack, set up, and handle AVANTE’s products with care, beware of finger jam.


-          There may be discrepancies in real product colour due to printing process.
-          “mm” is used as dimension unit at AVANTE’s whilst “inches” is served for reference only.
Product feature and price may be changed without prior notice.