Door card replacement

The prince from the PRESTIGE collection and the VIRTUOSO from the collectors’ use a card locking system to open the winder.


For the Prince we call it the Security Card.

What happen if you lose your Security Card?
The PRINCE uses the security card to open the watch winder. There are 3 cards when we deliver the product, but what happen if you lose them? The card replacement service will help you to create a new one.
Here are the steps to follow:
1.       Contact the shop where you bought the winder
2.       Bring your product to the local dealer with the warranty card
3.       We will create a new card in front of you
4.       Keep using the product


For the Virtuoso we call it the Access Card.

What happen if you lose your Access Card?
When the Virtuoso is delivered it comes with 3 Access Card and a Master Key. You will find in the user Manual how to activate the cards. If you lose the cards, we will send you new cards immediately and you will be able to relearn them as you did the first time.