FUNCTIONAL ARTWORK - AVANTE  has researched and developed many innovative ways in order to combine ergonomic handling with avant-garde design. Quality at AVANTE is not a coincidence, but a well planned process and sequences paired with focus and determination. AVANTE stands with its name for a result that exceeds your expectation.

The world first compact auto-elevation watch winder with RFID card locking system. AVANTE flagship model’s Virtuoso is  the world`s most compact auto-elevation watch winder, control by RFID cards. (patented design). The watch winder is automatically elevated and lowered using a secure locking system that keeps the watches protected while at the same time the owner`s timepieces are showcased with utmost accuracy.

Safety Mechanism
The elevating mechanism will stop automatically if it detects your hands or any obstacles to protect from injury or damage (similar to the function of an elevator door). The Safety Mechanism ensures a smooth and safe running of the elevation.

Winder adjustment
Our winders are fully adjustable and offer several options depending on the specifications of your watches.

Advanced and reliable MIFARE CARD locking system
The watch winder operates using the smart card provided by the world renowned manufacturer MIFARE with Card Learning Function (CLF). If the card gets lost, a master key can be used to reset the watch winder. After applying a new card, the lost card will be deactivated. The watch winder can allow up to 3 registered smart cards.

Quiet operation and low magnetic interference’s watch winder system design.

Dual battery design system
Built-in backup battery system will allow user to operate even when the main power supply is not available. An external battery case is also available in case both the A/C power and built-in backup battery system fail.

Our watch winders have devised an automatic mode designed to replicate the hand movement of an individual (natural human hand movement). This repetitive program runs for 18 hours and rests for 6 hours; approximately 1900 TPD (950 TPD in each direction). AUTO mode will be the default setting from the factory. A standard of approximately 650 TPD is applicable to most watches.

AVANTE watch winders have a built-in LED system designed to make life more convenient. When you open the box, the winding system stops and a progressive LED lighting system illuminates the inner case. When the door closes, the LED switches off and the winding system restarts. The LED Lighting system gives you the opportunity to enjoy your watches with sparkling eyes.