AVANTE’s watch winders are high technology and high quality products. Before leaving our manufactory the winder has undergone a long series of performance tests. Validity of the warranty, Your AVANTE watch winder is guaranteed for 12 OR 24 months against any manufacturing defect starting from the date of purchase. AVANTE watch winder guarantee is only valid against presentation of the warranty card & proof of purchase or a valid receipt with clearly printed date. Your AVANTE watch winder warranty only covers malfunctioning and manufacturing defects that are recognized by the factory. The warranty is held exclusively by a distributor/dealer assigned and authorized by AVANTE. The warranty is only valid if you purchase from an authorized dealer in your local country. The AVANTE guarantee does not cover signs of normal effects of use for a watch winder, in particular the natural behavior of the leather as well as potential scratches on the case.

Please contact AVANTE for further information. Contact service center for return authorization before sending watch winder for warranty or post-warranty service. Shipping is at customer’s own expense. If, after a close inspection, it appears that a defect cannot be repaired as warranty the client will always be informed. Defective products, not within the warranty period, can however be repaired by AVANTE. The client can ask for a calculation of the repair. The costs of repair and shipping the client will be charged for. Payments for the repair should take place before the actual repair.

Restrictions regarding the warranty, the following circumstances are excluded from warranty coverage:

  • Damage resulting from normal use of this product, such as scratches, stains, cuts, alteration in colour, etc

  • Damage resulting from improper, inappropriate use or maintenance of the product such as non-respect of battery polarity, non-compliant batteries, mistreatment of the case, shocks, breakage, etc


  • Defacing of product labeling (label alterations and falsifying, serial number missing, serial number no longer discernible, serial number in valid, removal of void label). All serial numbers are recorded and tracked for warranty purposes


  • Damage resulting from use of the case in an unsuitable environment, such as places with moisture, places exposed to water, vibrations, sources of excessive heat, etc


  • Product damage caused by catastrophes, thunder stroke, faulty electric power and environmental factors


  • Unauthorized tearing off the warranty & void label or unauthorized repairs have been attempted


  • Damage caused by operator error or the product has been subjected to any improper handling and has not been used in accordance with AVANTE’s user manual / instructions


  • The complete unit or parts of the product has gone beyond the warranty period


  • Consumable items of the product itself such as battery

  • Accessories or packing material such as boxes, user manual, etc.


  • Damage by water caused


  • All defects caused by human actions, other than production defects


  • Actions for which one logically cannot claim warranty


  • Products which are opened by the client or by a third party or have been repaired (without permission of AVANTE)


Warranty is no longer valid when a) product have been worn or have been used b) the client or a third party tried to repair the defect c) the client did not follow the directions and/or instructions from us.