Reflecting modern contemporary design in the domain of watch winders, the VANTAGE features design that is both modern and unconventional with its distinctive shape. The octagonal design presents refinement and sophistication with unconventional design. It features a handmade case by highly skilled craftsman in real carbon fiber with polished piano finishing that houses up to four automatic watches. VANTAGE a perfect compliment for any watch collector, ideally suited for any office or boardroom.





Dimension23 (H) x 46 (W) x 25 (D) cm

Weight6.5 kg

Outer CaseBlack color high gloss lacquer with carbon fiber

Key Features:

  • Limited production – only 99 pieces

  • Case with 4 watch winders

  • Highly skilled craftsmanship using traditional technique from cigar box making with solid sapele wood construction

  • Handcrafted case & inner panels trimmed in real carbon fiber with piano grade finishing

  • Individual programmable controls for each watch winder

  • Watch winders stop at 12 o’clock position

  • Programmable progressive LED lighting system

  • Auto On/Pause winding and lighting function controlled by sensor

  • Watch holders trimmed in genuine cowhide leather

  • Quiet operation with low magnetic interference watch winder system


  • VANTAGE features a design that is modern and yet distinctive with its unconventional octagonal shape. It is done by highly skilled hand craft technique, which is derived from the traditional way of cigar box making with solid sapele wood construction.

  • Handcrafted case and inner pane trimmed in real carbon fiber with high gloss polished piano grade finishing with over 10 layers of inlay work.

  • Individual programmable controls for each watch winder, with choices from 0 TPD to 1300 TPD, and auto mode with different directions. The user-friendly control system can memorise the customer’s settings even when power source has been disconnected.

  • Each watch winder stops at 12 o’clock position. It has individual infrared sensor for positioning and monitoring.

  • The auto winding mode setting is especially designed for most collectors. It simulates realistic wearing patterns. This winding mode runs 1900 TPD in both directions, operates in 18 hours and 6 hours rest, and then repeats the cycle again.

  • Programmable progressive LED lighting system, it allows customer to choose their own setting in 4 different modes.

  • Auto On/Pause function for watch winding and lighting system detected by door sensor. The watch winders will stop at 12 o’clock position and LED light will progressively come on when door is opened. Winders will start running and LED light progressively switches off when door is closed.

  • The watch holders are trimmed in genuine cowhide leather and micro fiber designed to suit different wrist size from women to men. There is a detachable extension for user with larger wrist size (standard watch holder: 14 – 18.5 cm; with extension: 19-23 cm).

  • AC/DC power operates.

In the Box

  • VANTAGE – watch winder

  • Documentation & Folder

  • Warranty Card ( with unique P/N  number)

  • Power Adapter  (100-240v ~50-60Hz,  output 5V -2A)

  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth

  • Deluxe gift box