THE DUET - classic

THE DUET is a professional watch winder with a compact and rigid design. It is formed by 2 individual AVANTE THE ONE watch winders. It's goal is to offer a device with exceptional batteries life that watch collectors can fit into a safe or anywhere with size limitations. Standard alkaline batteries (C type) are sufficient to drive it continuously for approximately 2 years (using 950 turns per day (TPD) winding mode). Its size is only 20 x 10 x 14 cm. It contains a highly efficient motor controlled by an advanced microprocessor with infrared sensor which monitors the rotations per day. It features a LCD display for different mode setting, low battery warning and rotation setting. THE PAIR enables watch collectors to store their beloved watch with peace of mind using AVANTE’s technology.





Dimension20 (W) x 10 (H) x 14 (D) cm

Weight1.50 kg

Outer CaseGenuine cowhide leather trimmed aluminium alloy

Key Features: 

  • Professional compact size watch winder, suitable storage in safe​

  • Ultra low energy consumption - standard alkaline batteries (C type) last approximately 2 years

  • LED display programmable watch winder controls

  • Watch winder stops at 12 o’clock position

  • Ultra low magnetic interference watch winder system

  • Individual programmable controls for each watch winder

  • ​Watch holder trimmed in genuine cowhide leather

  • Polished stainless steel SS303 door joints and button

  • Rigid alloy chassis with 2.5 mm thickness


  • THE DUET is a compact and rigid watch winder.  Its basic module measures 20 x 10 x 14 cm, perfect for storage in safe or size restricted area.  It is also designed to fit oversize watches.

  • Ultra low power consumption - for 4 standard alkaline batteries (C type), it can give a life span of approximately 2 years (using 950 TPD winding mode).

  • LED display programmable watch winder control has 27 combination settings. Indiviudal programmable controls for each watch winder, with choices of settings from 0 TPD to 1900 TPD and auto winding mode with different directions. The user-friendly control system can memorise the customer’s settings even when power source has been disconnected.

  • The auto winding mode setting is especially designed for most collectors. It simulates realistic wearing patterns. This winding mode runs 1900 TPD in both directions, operates in 18 hours and 6 hours rest, and then repeats the cycle again.

  • Each watch winder stops at 12 o’clock position. It has individual infrared sensor for positioning and monitoring.

  • It has battery indicators at the front and back, the front LED indicator light shows the status of the system by green and red flashes and the back LCD display shows the battery level. When the low battery indictors are on, it can keep operation for approximately 2 – 3 months and reminds user for changing the new batteries.

  • Ultra low magnetic interference watch winding design - It’s winding system operates by an advance Planetary Reduction Gear-Motor. This motor has ultra-low magnetic interference, providing the best protection for user’s timepiece.

  • THE DUET uses an integrated alloy chassis with 2.5 mm thickness providing rigid solid build.

  • The watch holder is trimmed in genuine cowhide leather and micro fiber designed to suit different wrist size from women to men. There is a detachable extension for user with larger wrist size. (standard watch holder: 14 – 17.5 cm; with extension: 17.5-20 cm)

  • It features safe rotate protection system. It is designed to protect your watches when winder is stuck by blocking object, watch winder will automatically stop winding. 'Err' will be shown on the LCD control display. User has to reset the unit by simply pressing and holding the control buttons.

In the Box

  • THE DUET– watch winder

  • User manual

  • Warranty Card ( with unique P/N  number)

  • Watch holder extension adaptor

  • Deluxe gift box set